Touchstone Builders Insurance

October 21, 2016

Paragon Insurance Holdings LLC is proud to introduce the Touchstone Builders Insurance Program. A new program catering to Home and Light Commercial Builders, managed, underwritten and serviced by Paragon, this product provides a broad appetite and superior carrier strength back by Lloyd's of London. The Touchstone Builders Insurance Program brings increased flexibility and the same superior service the market has come to expect with Paragon, which has been in the construction space since opening our doors in 2014. Now offering both Peer Review and Warranty options on Wrap and Project Specific Coverages, Paragon's Touchstone program facility will meet the demands of builders and agents alike. Home and Light Commercial Builders have the flexibility of pay as you build options, practice policy availability, warranty coverage, peer review, and various term and limit options depending on their particular preference.

For select distribution partners, increased commission with additional overrides based on premium targets, are available. This differentiated product will set Paragon and its partners apart from the competition and bring insureds a new alternative in the wrap / project specific market. Please contact us with submissions at or to inquire about a limited number of appointments still available.