Retail agents: Maximize the advantage of niche specialization.

At Paragon Insurance Holdings, we understand the rewards – and the extreme challenges – of managing specialty program business.

That's why we've structured our company to help our retail partners take advantage of niche specialization, while avoiding potential pitfalls along the way.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help your specialty program business succeed.

Our value to retail business partners:

  • Product — We provide competitive product and insurance capacity with carrier and reinsurance partners that are committed to your business 
  • Productivity — We are dedicated to providing the best talent and systems, to make you more productive 
  • Limited Access — We believe in building strong relationships with our trading partners by providing capabilities that aren't available to others 
  • Unique Trading Relationships — Our broad carrier and reinsurance relationships allow us to find quick solutions when necessary 
  • Talent or Expertise — Our executive team has decades of carrier and MGA experience, resulting in unique opportunities for our business and our retail partners

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