Risk Control Newsletter – June 2020

June 3, 2020

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COVID-19 Resources for Re-Opening

As communities around the nation plan for reopening, Trident Public Risk is pleased to post its new website devoted to local government resources related to COVID-19. Here you can access information and resources, sorted by department, designed to assist your entity in developing its community reopen strategies. This is a good first stop when looking for information specific to your business – local public entity. Visit Trident Public Risk: COVID-19 Resources


Tick Season Is Here

As we see more people venture outdoors to get exercise and fresh air during the quarantine with treks into the woods, or to begin landscaping projects, we are reminded that it is also the time of year when tick activity ramps up. Below are some reminders and resources you may find helpful in learning more about ticks around the country.

  • Tick borne diseases are common in every area of the country and most common diseases include Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme Disease and Anaplasmosis.
  • Ticks find their hosts by detecting breath, body odor, body heat and vibrations.
  • Ticks cannot fly or jump. Ticks will generally hold onto leaves or grass and wait to climb on their host as they walk by.
  • Use Insect Repellant containing DEET when outdoors
  • Other than avoiding the outdoors, contact with ticks is inevitable in many areas of the country. Plan ahead by
    • Treating your clothing with repellant
    • Tucking your pant leg into your socks shoe
    • Avoid sitting on the ground/logs/stones in wooded areas
    • Wear a hat and keep long hair tied back.
  • Prior to coming back inside your vehicle or your house
    • Check your clothing for ticks
    • Remove any ticks you find
    • Tumble dry clothing in a dryer on high for 10 minutes, wash if possible.
    • Inspect your gloves, hats and any equipment used for ticks
    • Check your body before showering using a mirror, especially around your ears, waist line, hair line.
    • Shower as soon as possible to wash off any ticks that haven’t had a chance to latch on yet.

Train your employees who will be working in wooded areas to:

Below are some websites with excellent materials for you to share with your staff on tick bite prevention.


Training Highlights

Do you have gaps in your training program? Trident is here to help. Did you know that there are many OSHA compliance training programs available through Trident University? There are a whole slew of topics available ranging from state-specific sexual harassment courses, to PoliceOne training programs, to Lexipol’s COVID-19 Policy and Training page. You can also upload your policies into the system to make the training more customized to your employees. If you’re interested in being a local administrator or just a regular user please contact Bob Marinelli, Risk Control Director at robert.marinelli@tridentpublicrisk.com.


Did you Know?

The word ‘insurance’ originally meant an ‘engagement to marry’. The word ‘insurance’ is derived from the French word ‘ensurer’ and originally meant an ‘engagement to marry’. Over time the word evolved to become ‘assurance’ and later ‘insurance’ with its modern meaning.