Safety Takes Center Stage

April 21, 2020


Putting on a community event is a tall order, but it can be pulled off given good planning and well-prepared safety measures.

Planning community events requires communication among all parties involved. Once the proper measures and procedures are put in place, your event will be on a smoother road to success.


Additional safety regulations and resources

Various elements of the event or parade also are subject to certain rules and regulations to ensure safety – from floats and costumes to parade throws. In addition, signage should advise which areas are off limits and spell out rules for the public, such as where to view the festivities safely. The International City/County Management Association (ICMA) offers a helpful parade safety guide for municipal governments.

Event organizers should also be aware of a nationwide campaign, “See Something, Say Something,” that’s designed to raise awareness of indicators of terrorism. The campaign encourages the public to call law enforcement if they see an activity that looks suspicious, such as a backpack left unattended or a vehicle left abandoned in a public place.